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Last Updated: April 14th, 2002

The degu (Octodon degus) or "brush tail rat" is a cute brown rodent from Chile. They grow to be about 6" long (their tail is another 4-6" long) and they weigh about 1/2 pound. Degus are diurnal animals (they sleep at night). Their life span is about 5 years long.

Degu with a Peanut (15KB JPG) Mom Degu with Babies (26KB JPG) Here are some pictures of the degus I used to have. The babies are just a few days old. They're born with a fine black fur.

The degu family tree

(From A Checklist of the Mammals of the World: Rodentia) Note: according to some recent genetic research, some scientists are saying that guinea pigs and degus might be closer to rabbits, than rodents.
	Order Rodentia
		Suborder Histricomorpha
			Family Octodontidae
				Octodon Bennett, 1832
				Octodontomys Palmer, 1903
				Octomys Thomas, 1920
				Spalacopus Wagler, 1832
				Aconaemys Ameghino, 1891

To learn more about degus, check out the links below.

Degu Mail

Degu Links...

Yahoo also has a couple of links for Degus. You can also find information about Degus at alta-vista

Searching for information on degus I discovered that there a city in Korea called Degu, there is a temple near Patan in Nepal called "Degu Taleju", and there is a univerisity in Italy that has "Degu" in its name. However, searching for "octodon" works nicely.

You can use Google to search for images of degus.

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